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Philly Steaks

Regular 9.99 Philly Cheese Steak

Made from whole steer rib-eyes that we hand trim and slice down. Served with your choice of cheese, Authentic Kraft Cheese Whiz, Provolone, or our signature Melted White American Cheese, with or without onions.

Regular 10.50 Philly Pizza Steak

Our classic Philly Steak but with a twist. Served with Don Pepino Pizza sauce and Provolone.


Cans 1.00 Bottles 2.00 Drinks

Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, and Coke Bottles

Steak Add-ons

1.00 Mushrooms

Add some mushrooms onto your philly steak. they'll be grilled to perfection and add another texture to an already delicious sandwich.

4.50 Extra Meat

Because sometimes you just need more protein in your diet!


2.50 French Fries

French fries to complement an order of one of Hank's Philly Steaks

3.99 Cheese Fries

Our french fries topped off with some cheesy goodness.

3.99 Sweet Potato Fries

If french fries aren't your thing then that means that sweet potato fries probably are.

3.99 Pizza Fries

Our french fries topped off with melted cheese and pizza sauce.

.50 Hot Cherry Peppers

Our cherry peppers typical of Philly Steak joints for those that like an extra spicy kick.

based on size CJ’s Italian Ice

We now proudly serve CJ's Italian Ice www.cjsice.com

Serving sizes: Double Scoop $3.00 Quart to Go: $8.00
Flavors: Cherry, Lemon, Chocolate, Life Saver, and Banana