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We are located at Silverado Ranch Blvd and Bermuda in the same plaza where Fresh and Easy is located. Look for the 7-11 on the SEC of Silverado and Bermuda.

467 E. Silverado Ranch Blvd.

Suite 125

Las Vegas NV 89183


If you were never in Philly and you think you had a real Philly Steak, Think Again!

The bread we use is the Gold Standard for Philly Steaks in Philly, not used by any other steak shop in Las Vegas.

The meat we use, 100% whole steer rib-eyes, is only what the Best of the Best Philly Steak shops in Philly use, served in whole slices, never chopped.

Outside Philly, our Philly Steaks are the only ones that can compete with the top ten Philly Steak shops in Philly, and if we were able to, we’d bet on it.

We are not “like Philly,” we ARE PHILLY!

After all, wouldn’t you expect only the Best in a fabulous town like Las Vegas?


The next time you go to a “so called” Philly steak shop ask yourself, if you went to a steak house

and ordered a rib-eye and they

served you frozen formed processed beef made from scraps,

would you be happy?


Those who come to Hank’s know the difference.



The owners of Hank’s managed two Philly Steak shops. The Philadelphia Magazine has awarded both places “Best of Philly” for cheese steaks.

What they are introducing to Las Vegas is the same product served in the award winning shops they managed in Philly.

Hank’s Philly Steaks will be serving whole slices of grilled steer rib-eye steak, (never chopped), served on the finest Philly steak roll shipped directly from Philly. Hank’s Philly Steaks are as good as any in Philadelphia, and outside Philly they’re the best in the country.

Question: What do the famous Philly shops such as Pat’s, Geno’s, and Tony Luke’s have in common?

Answer: All 3 use rib-eye, not processed meat that is pawned off as a “Philly.” Neither of them chop it up, and none of them use the bread that the local steak shops in Las Vegas use.

Conclusion: Don’t let them fool you anymore. Just writing Philly before the word steak doesn’t make it a true Philly.

When we say we have the best, we really mean it.

We are Hank’s Philly Steaks of Las Vegas, for those who prefer quality.


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